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Expenses matching back account transactions

I enter all my individual expenses and allocate them to the relevant categories.  At the end of each week I calculate the amount that is owed and setup an bank transfer to the person who has incurred those expenses (in this case it is still me).  When the transfer appears on my bank statement, QBO recognises it and adds it as another expense.  Now my total expenses is double as all the individual items are still there, marked as paid.  How do I mark the individual expenses as paid and match it to the single amount from the bank account?  When I pay the expenses through the payroll option, this doesn't happen.  Also, the expenses and the bank transfer are shown as positive numbers.  Why aren't transactions leaving my account shown as negative numbers?  Thanks.

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Expenses matching back account transactions

Hello there, Gazza13.


Welcome to the Community space. I'm here to assist you with matching a bank account transaction with your expenses.


The downloaded expense transactions from your bank should show a negative amount when you perform a transfer. Since it shows as positive on your end, we need to investigate further to resolve the issue.


You can add more details about what bank you're currently using in QuickBooks Online. We'll need to check if there are any reported issues related to your financial institution.


In case you need a quick help from our Phone Support Team, you can reach them through this article:


Get help with QuickBooks Online


I'll be on a lookout for your response about matching expenses. You can add more details by posting a comment below.


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Expenses matching back account transactions


I'm currently having the same issue or question.
I have a manually entered expense. and I paid the expense with 2 different checks. 
I have the bank records of the two checks in my "on review" section. but I do not know how to find the manually created expense to "match" it.
I know I did this same idea before because I was able to do it at the end of 2017. but I'm no longer able to figure out how to do it.

If you can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.





Expenses matching back account transactions

You can't match two online banking transactions to a single expense in QuickBooks, Alejandro.


In QBO, you can only match a single online banking transaction to multiple transactions that were entered in the program. I'd suggest excluding the two checks in the For Review section.


Here's how:

  1. From the left menu, select Banking.

  2. On the Banking page, select the For Review tab.

  3. Check the boxes of the two transactions to exclude.
  4. From the Batch actions drop-down, choose Exclude Selected.

Once they are excluded, you can now proceed with manually reconciling the expense that was created in QBO.


Here's how:

  1. Click Accounting on the left panel, and then select Chart of Accounts.
  2. Find the account where the expense was recorded, and then click View Register.
  3. Find the expense.
  4. In the Reconcile status column, continually click the field to change the status to R (Reconciled).
  5. Click Save.

Please leave a reply if you have follow-up questions on this. Thanks.

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