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Handling Dipsuted Credit card entries

I had a customer Purchase merchandise and services on 2/24/20 for $1373.88

They Disputed the charges, and on 3/9/20 and $1398.88 was withdrawn from my account.

They repaid with 2 visa payments 3/16/20. For $1243.00 and 3/19/20 for $150.88. = $1393.88 total both received in Receive Payment.   Yes that is correct there is a $5 difference in the totals because my clerk misread the amount. I would like to attribute that to over/short or whatever is easiest. 


So now I have

1. A big red $1373.88 "needs attention on my QB dashboard. 

2.  -$1393.99  unapplied on the customers account.

3. No Entry in my bank register account for the $1398.88 charge back.


How do I make all of this come together and show what actually happened? And clear the red attention banner?




Handling Dipsuted Credit card entries

Hi @JBoosalis,


I can help you with this issue.  This article is going to walk you through each step in order to get you QBO books cleaned up:


Record a bounced check using an invoice


Instead of bounced check, you can label it however you would like, such as Chargeback or Chargeback fee, whatever would be most appropriate for you.


Let me know if you run into any issues!



Level 1

Handling Dipsuted Credit card entries



THANK YOU!!!!!!  Worked perfectly!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


Handling Dipsuted Credit card entries

Awesome, @JBoosalis!  I'm glad to see that worked for you!

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