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How do customers record a tip?

For emailed invoices to customers, we would like them to have the ability to add a tip when paying the invoice with a credit card QBO.  Tips are enabled but the customer doesn't have the ability to add a tip unless the override the amount of the invoice.  

QuickBooks Team

How do customers record a tip?

Good day, @mpmbucks,


Turning on the Tips tracking feature only allows you to add tips to your sales receipts.


Since adding a tip when customers receive the emailed invoices is not an option, I recommend manually adding an item prior to sending the invoice.


You can add another line for the tip by creating a service when making an invoice.


Please follow the detailed steps outlined below:

  1. Click the Plus (+) icon at the top, then select Invoice.
  2. Select the customer and enter other invoice details.
  3. Enter the Service Date.
  4. Under Product/Service, click +Add new, then choose Service.addnewserviceitem1.PNG addnewserviceitem2.PNG
  5. Name the service as Tip, the select Undistributed Tips under the Income account section.addnewserviceitem3.PNG
  6. Click Save and close.
  7. Once done, select Tip and enter the Amount.createinvoicewithtip.PNG
  8. Click Save and send to send the invoice to your customer.

For more details about creating an invoice and use products/services list, you can read through here:

Don't hesitate to reach out to me here in the QuickBooks Community for help at any point in time. Have a great day ahead.

Level 2

How do customers record a tip?

The need to have the customer determine what they want to tip and include with their payment of an invoice is necessary.  QuickBooks, please figure this out. Customers are likely to find it insulting if business added tip to invoice before sending it. 

QuickBooks Team

How do customers record a tip?

Hello there, kathyemersoncpa. 


I'll personally send this feedback to our product engineers that you like this option to be added to your customer's emailed invoice. 


Always know the Community team is always around to help. 

Level 2

How do customers record a tip?

Please add this feature. We are movers and almost all client now pay via cc. They don't have cash and I don't want to ask them how much they plan to tip our move crew. Can this be in an updated version I'm unaware of?



How do customers record a tip?

Hello there, Kim.


This feature request is still something to pass along to our product engineers. Rest assured, I'll personally send another feedback about this one.


Additionally, you can visit our blog to check out QuickBooks latest and updated features


Feel free to post again if there's something you'd like to ask. I'm always around to help!

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