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How do I accept credit cards?

I am trying to invoice a customer that wants to pay by credit cards.  When I try to do this in QB, it says we already have this option and I need to log out and return to update.  When I do so, nothing has changed and I get the same prompt without being able to solve the problem.  If it try to use the shortcut  or use the Accept Credit Cards icon at the bottom of the "do more with QB page, nothing happens.  Am I missing a step or is there a software glitch?


Please help!

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I accept credit cards?

Welcome to the Community, @GainC.


Have you already signed up for QuickBooks Payments? It's possible that your payment account is not linked to the company file. If that's the case, here's how to do to it:


1. In QuickBooks, go to the Customers menu.
2. Pick Link Payment Service to Company File.

3. Enter the User ID and Password that you created when signing up and select Link Service.
4. Choose Transfer, then click Yes, transfer to confirm.


Once done, create an invoice again and turn on the option to accept credit card payments. Here's how:


1. Go back to the Customers menu.
2. Pick Create Invoices.
3. Select Turn on under Your customer can’t pay this invoice online.

4. On the Change Invoice Options window, choose the appropriate method, then Save.
5. Complete the information on the Create Invoices window.
6. Click the Email option at the top, then pick Invoice on the drop-down.



That should point you in the right direction. I'm also including this article for additional resources: Create invoices with payment link.


Keep me posted on how everything goes in the comment section. I'll be here should you need anything else. Have a good one.