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How do I attach an invoice to an estimate for progress invoicing?

Hi all, 


So I have uploaded a LOT of previous data and invoices into Quickbooks through the use of an accredited Intuit third party app. The app essentially helped me create the bulk invoices. They were attached to the correct job and projects. However, these invoices were not attached to the estimates that were already in the QB system. 


I am willing to go in and manually attach these invoices to the estimates. But I cannot figure out how to do that. We have Quickbooks Desktop Premier 2019.


I require these invoices be attached to the estimates as we use progress invoicing for our new/future invoices. 


Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you. 

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Re: How do I attach an invoice to an estimate for progress invoicing?

Hello, @VCOfficeManager.


It's great to see you again in the Community. I can help figure out what we can do to create an estimate for your previous invoices.

We don't have the option to attach or match your previous invoices to a created estimate. What we can do is to create an estimate first and match a new invoice.  


Since these are previous transactions, you'll need to delete and recreate these for you to link it on the created estimate.

From here, you can specify what to include on the invoice. Please see attached screenshot below for your reference.



For now, this is the only way to manually attach your invoices to an estimate.


If you need additional information about creating an estimate, you may refer to this helpful article: Estimate in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please don't hesitate to comment below if you have additional questions about this process. I'm always here to help however I can.



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Re: How do I attach an invoice to an estimate for progress invoicing?

That solution is unfortunately impractical. We have over 300 invoices that will have to be deleted and manually re-entered in this process to in affect put it against the estimates that are already in the system as well. 

QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I attach an invoice to an estimate for progress invoicing?

Hello there, @VCOfficeManager.


Allow me to join the thread and help share additional information about estimates and invoices.


As of now, this is how QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) works. You may need to create an estimate first before matching it to a new invoice as what my colleague LilyC mentioned. You have also the option to create an invoice directly in the Estimate window by clicking on Create Invoice above Create Sales Order.



Since it's the previous invoices that you want to match with the estimates, yes, you really need to delete and recreate those invoices and link them to the estimates created.


For additional reference and to learn more about the accounts receivable workflows in QBDT, you can check this article: Accounts Receivable workflows in QuickBooks Desktop.


Please know that I'm always here to help you if you any other questions about creating invoices and estimates, just add a post/comment below. Have a great day ahead!

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