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How do I enter a stop payment?

A customer stopped payment on a check. How should I enter this into QuickBooks?
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How do I enter a stop payment?

Welcome to the Community, @lindalee1.


Since the customer requested a stop payment on a check, you can use the Journal Entry (JE) feature to reflect the non-payment. The process includes creating an item for bounced-check fees and an account where you can store them.


During the JE process, you'll need to debit Accounts Receivable and credit the bank account from the Account menu.  I want to ensure you'll be able to perform this correctly, so I'm attaching the article that includes detailed step-by-step instructions:


How to enter a bounced check using a journal entry.


For future reference, check out the Create a journal entry in QuickBooks Online article. It contains a video tutorial about the other way of entering transactions.


Please know the Community has your back. If you have additional questions, click the Reply button and post a comment. I’m here ready to assist further. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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