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How do I record a bounced ACH payment?

I have received a returned ACH payment from a customer. The "Record Bounced Check" option is grayed out. How do I process this?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I record a bounced ACH payment?

Hello there, tcberry22.


Good to see you here in QuickBooks Community. I'm here to help and guide you on how to record bounced check in QuickBooks Desktop.


The Record Bounced Check feature only applies to the Check payment.  It's possible the icon is grayed out if the payment method is not a Check. 


Let's make sure that the check is selected on the payment method correctly by following the steps below: 

  1. Click the Customers menu, then select Customer Center.
  2. At the top left, select the Transactions tab. 
  3. On the left pane, select Received Payments.
  4. Find and double-click the payment you want to record as NSF.
  5. On the Receive Payments window, select CHECK
  6. Click Save & Close
  7. Select Yes to confirm. 

Once done, you can now record the bounced check by following the detailed steps in this article: Handle Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or bounced check from customers.


To further assists you with the steps, I encourage you to contact our QuickBooks Desktop Support Team. They have the tools to pull up your account and do a screen share.


Here's how you can reach our phone support:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Select the version of QuickBooks, click Contact Us.
  3. Type-in Customer Support on the search bar. 
  4. And click Get the Phone number below. 

This will get you on the right track. Feel me in if you have any additional questions about the record bounced check. I'm always here to help you out. Have a good one. 

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How do I record a bounced ACH payment?


I am having the same issue with ACH payments bouncing.  The funds are set to my checking account so an entry is made for the funds being received, then the customers bank sends it back and the funds are removed.  Because it is an e-check it does not allow me to use the bounced check feature.  I was not able to switch the payment type to check so I could use the bounced check feature.  


The other issue is even if I was able to use the bounced check feature, there is no way to allow the customer to repay the invoice using the ACH system.  If the link to pay on-line is selected it says the invoice is paid.  There needs to be a way to send a new link to the customer so they can repay.  this has happened 2 times to me now and I can't just create a new invoice as we have physical products assigned to the invoice and creating another invoice would double the actual counts sold.  


I also cant delete the invoice of the bounced check as this is the invoice that is needed to account for the payment attempt and eventual withdraw in my bank statement.  


I spent many hours on calls with both Merchant Services and Quickbooks support being bounced back and fourth trying to get a solution to this issue, without finding a solution.   


Please help. Thank you.


How do I record a bounced ACH payment?

@SAKU_Tea  Thank you for joining community.


I appreciate the detailed information to get an idea of what you are working with and steps you've taken so far.


I sounds like you've already followed the steps outlined in this thread.  To add to those steps, here are instructions on how to handle the transaction when the payment method is grayed out.


Click on the following link to see how to manually record the bounced check: Handle Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) or bounced check from customers


Once you have recorded the bounced payment correctly, inventory items will adjust accordingly.  You will also be able to resend the invoice for payment electronically.


Let me know if you have additional questions.

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