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How do I remove Paypal and Apple Pay as payment method options?

How do I remove Paypal and Apple Pay as options to pay during checkout using Quickbooks online payments? Or how do I call customer service so that someone can help me with this? 


Before you answer with something that doesn't work, here's what definitely doesn't work to fix this problem:

-going to all lists - payment methods and deleting Paypal or Apple Pay from there (they do not show up there - they are just considered a type of "credit card")

-click on "apps" and removing Paypal or Apple Pay from there; these aren't apps but rather forms of payment

-going into a customer's specific invoice and un-checking paypal or apple pay (again, these are not individual options but rather types of credit card payments)

-going into the merchant center and selecting "account" - again you cannot remove paypal or apple pay from the list of credit card options 


Wasted a lot of time on these message boards... 

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How do I remove Paypal and Apple Pay as payment method options?

Hi, @lindzshopper.


Thanks for letting us know about the details. Let me help route you to the right support team that can assist further on how to remove these payment method options in your QBO Payments account.


Our Merchant Services Team can access your account in a secure environment and help you with the process using their tools. You can get their contact information on this link:


Please visit us again in the Community if you have other questions about your payments. Have a good one.

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