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How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

In HELP it says ther's a Open installation page button in Customers, but I can't find anything like that. I have a HP Officejet 5740 printer.

QuickBooks Team

How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

Hey there info,

I'm happy to help you get the scanner set up in QuickBooks Pro 2017.

In order to install a new scanner, you need to set up the QuickBooks Scan Manager for QuickBooks.

Step one: Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager

  1. From the QuickBooks iconbar, click Docs to open the Doc Center.
  2. Click Scan a Document.
  3. Select the appropriate Scan Profile or click New to set up a new profile.
  4. Edit the name of your profile or leave it as New Profile. Then click Continue.
  5. Adjust the profile settings as appropriate or leave them set to the defaults. Then click Save.

Step two: Set up and test your scanner

  1. Highlight your profile, then click Select.
  2. In the Select Scanner window, click Scanner Setup Wizard.
  3. The Current Selection field should list your scanner. If you do not see your scanner listed, select the Yes radio button then click Next to download the latest scanner database from Nuance.
  4. Choose the appropriate mode. Typically this will be Normal ModeCheck the Perform Tests box then click Next.
  5. Click Next to start testing your Scanner.
  6. Select the tests you want to run. Click Next, then Next again to start the scanner test.
  7. You should see the test page that you scanned in place of “Your scanner document here.” Check the Repeat this test in order to check all modes box, then click Next to continue testing in other available modes.
  8. Click Next to perform the next test.

You can check out this article for further details: Set up QuickBooks Scan Manager

If you need help with the steps, or if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Level 1

How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

I have followed the instructions on your previous suggestion.

1. I have gone to Docs

2. Clicked on the Scanner Icon

3. However, then a rectangular green screen comes up and tries to connect to an old TWAIN printer that I no longer use.  I can't seem to get past this screen to set up my new scanner profile.

4. I can't find where to set up a new scanner profile for the printer I now have.

Please help.



[email address removed]

QuickBooks Team

How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

Hello, @Avivara.

Thanks for trying out the steps given by my colleague to set up your new scanner.

If you’re having trouble setting up scan manager, make sure to check the following:
•    Ensure you’re using a TWAIN-compliant scanner.
•    Test your scanner if it’s working properly.
•    Check whether you can use it normally outside of QuickBooks. If not, the problem may be with the scanner itself. Reach out to the scanner manufacturer or contact an IT professional to resolve this.

Once verified, try repairing QuickBooks to fix any program-related issues or errors. Before you begin, you’ll need to prepare the QB Desktop installation CD or download the installer from the website if the software was purchased through the phone or online. 


Follow the steps below to repair QuickBooks:
1.    Restart the computer.
2.    Back up your QuickBooks company file.
3.    Go to Start, click Control Panel.
4.    Select Programs and Features
5.    In the list of programs, select QuickBooks.
6.    Choose Uninstall/Change, then click Continue and Next.
7.    Click Repair and then Next. Wait for it to complete.
8.    Once done, hit Finish.


Take a look at this helpful article for more details: Repair QuickBooks Desktop.

You can now create your Profile and set up Scan Manager. However, if the problem persists, you may need to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. Please check out this article for more information: Using clean install for Windows.

That’s it. Give this a try and let me know how it goes. If you need anything else, leave a reply below. I’ll be here to help. Take care and have a great day!

Level 2

How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

Did you ever get this working?


I had a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i scanner and was getting an exception that I later discovered was related to the Windows 10 Build 1809 update.  In the meantime, I purchased a Brother ADS-1700w TWAIN scanner and couldn't figure out how to get QuickBooks to recognize it.  I reinstalled, repaired, talked to multiple QuickBooks support reps.  Finally, someone from Intuit Payments support called me and told me she had to "update an attribute on my account" to switch us from Fujitsu to TWAIN.  I restarted QuickBooks and it prompted me to install the TWAIN components.


That was a surprise. It also seems that all users on a single merchant services account will need to have the same make of scanner (e.g., all Fujitsu or all TWAIN).

Level 1

How do I set up a scanner into QB Pro 2017?

This process is very simple. Yesterday I did the whole setup and scan successfully. QB Pro 2017 setup is not that much complicated. I got windows error 0x80248007 while installing but that is a different issue.

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