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How do I show progress for billable time on an invoice while using time sheets

I have created a job estimate with the estimated number of billable hours to be performed by an employee and I have enabled progress invoicing.   My employees enter their time and we do periodic progress invoicing based on actual work performed. I know I can "Invoice for Time & Expenses" as the first step ,or I can create an invoice and then add the unbilled time to it.    


Regardless of the starting point, I need to be able to show the progress against the Estimate on the actual invoice and I can't seem to do it based on actual billed time.


When I create the invoices using time, it doesn't update the estimated hours amount.  On subsequent invoices I need to be able to show the previous amount billed along with the overall % complete.  


I appreciate the help!


I have Quickbooks Premier Professional Services Edition 2019



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QuickBooks Team

Re: How do I show progress for billable time on an invoice while using time sheets

Hello stulk,


You can pull up a report to view the progress o your billable time against estimate and actual. Let me guide you how.

  1. Click Customers, then Customer Center.
  2. Click the customer's job, in the Job Information section, click the Estimate vs Actuals link.

Also, creating invoices won't update your estimated hour's amount. To view the previous amount billed, you'll have to run a quick report for the job. Here's how.


  1. In your invoice screen, click the Reports tab.
  2. Click QuickReport. This report can also be found in the customer's profile.

Please see attached screenshots below.


You can refer to this article for more information about: Set up and send progress invoices in QuickBooks Desktop


On the other hand, you can pull up the Job Progress Invoices vs. Estimates report to track how much you invoice for each estimate.


I've added our page about inventory and projects if you need some help articles for your future tasks.


Let me know if you have other concerns. We're always here for you.



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