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How to change "received from" for Visa transactions

I am needing to change the "received from" for a visa transaction so that I can attach it to an invoice to show it was paid. How can I do this? 

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QuickBooks Team

How to change "received from" for Visa transactions

Hi, Jessie_d. 


Thanks for dropping by the Community, what you'll want to do is id delete the original transaction and create a new one with the correct vendor listed. Here's how:


Delete a transaction:

  1. From the Lists menu, select Memorized Transaction List.
  2. Select the transaction you want to delete.
  3. Select the Memorized Transaction drop-down, then select Delete Memorized Transaction.
  4. Select OK.

Create Transaction:

  1. Enter the transaction the way you want it to show up each month. Don’t select Save. If a field contains info that may change, leave the field blank. For example, leave the Memo field blank on a recurring check so you can enter a different memo when you need to.
  2. From the Edit menu, select Memorize [Transaction Name]. For example, Memorize Check.
  3. Enter a Name. Then, select how you want QuickBooks to handle it.
    • Add to my Reminders List.
    • The transaction will be added to the Memorized Transactions section of your reminders list. When you choose this option, fill in the How Often field.
    • Do Not Remind Me.
    • The transaction won’t be added to your reminders list or added automatically. You can use this as a template for transactions that repeat from time to time.
    • Automate Transaction Entry.
    • The transaction will be entered when it's due. When you choose this option, remember to fill in the How Often and Next Date fields.

If you have any other questions, feel free to post here anytime. Thank you for your time and have a nice afternoon. 


Level 1

How to change "received from" for Visa transactions

Thank you for your reply. However, this is a one time transaction. Can I enter it without setting up a memorized transaction?


How to change "received from" for Visa transactions

Thanks for following up with the Community, Jessie_d.

Are you trying to record a new transaction from a customer or a vendor?

If it's for a customer, you can delete their old invoice and create a new one.

Here's how:
1. Open the invoice you're working with, click Delete, then OK.
2. In your top menu bar, go to Customers, then Create Invoices.
3. Use the Customer: Job drop-down menu to choose a customer.
4. Enter all relevant information.
5. Select Save & Close.

You'll be able to find more details about creating invoices in the following resource: Create an invoice in QBDT

I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a fantastic day!

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