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How to clear multiple credit memos with one deposit

I have a client that issued multiple credit memos over the course of the year to one customer in particular. This customer paid all of the credit memos with one check of $15,000. Is there a way to clear all of the credit memos with this one check? Thanks.

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QuickBooks Team

Re: How to clear multiple credit memos with one deposit

Delighted to have you here, @swelchcpa.


I'm here to help walk you through clearing out the credit memos created by your client using one check. Let's get started!


Here's how to write a check in QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Choose Write Checks.
  3. Enter the check information.
  4. The amount of the check should be equal to the Total Amount of the Credit Memo.
  5. Go to the Expenses tab below the Check.
  6. From the Account drop-down, choose Accounts Receivable.
  7. Select the Customer:Job drop-down, then choose the Customer.
  8. Click Save and Close.

If you're having difficulty clearing out credit memos on your end, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team. A specialist will be able to access your account and further assist you via secured remote access session.


Here's how to contact us:

  1. Visit:
  2. Choose your QuickBooks Product.
  3. Select your QuickBooks Version.
  4. On the Contact Us page, click a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button to see the support number.

Always feel free to drop by the Community page if you need help about managing your credit memos and deposits in QuickBooks Desktop. I'm always here to lend a hand.

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