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How to print our custom packing slip from an invoice

I would like to print our custom packing slip with our logos on it from my invoice as opposed to from my sales order. It defaults to the Intuit packing slip and I don't see a way to change that to our custom one. My guess is that it is not an option. I am using Enterprise. Has anyone had this issue or know if I can change it to our custom packing slip? Thank you.

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How to print our custom packing slip from an invoice

Hi there @ Andrea31,


Welcome to the QuickBooks Family. Let’s go to your invoice and print a packing slip using your custom template.


Once you select Packing Slip when clicking the Print icon, the program automatically chooses the default Intuit Packing Slip template. Once you get the Print Packing Slip window, you have to cancel out of it so you’ll be routed back to the invoice page.


To choose your custom form, you just have to select it from the Template drop-down menu. I’ve added a screenshot for your visual reference.



The software has a sticky setting, which means the next time you print a packing slip, it will remember the template used on the last transaction created.


For more details about customizing and using templates on your invoices and other sales forms, please check out this article:


Let me know how it goes and I’ll be here if you need further help. Have a great day.

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How to print our custom packing slip from an invoice



Please Learn from the input here. Instead of manually changing Templates, you overlooked describing  Preferences. This is over 400 Default settings the QB user controls.




This is controlled in your Edit menu > Preferences, Sales & Customers, on the left, then Company Preferences on the Right.


Now you will be able to use the Print Button, not changing templates manually, and this controls the function for which template is used in the Fulfillment worksheet screen, too.


And notice this is Template Name by Transaction Type. You might have "packing slip" as a type of template for SO and for Invoice, but they are Tied to the transaction type. Template = Design. It doesn't change that you made an Invoice or are only working with the Sales Order.


Please see my attachment.

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