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Invoice doesn't post to QB with declined Declined Recurring payment

We have just begun to use recurring payments. When everything goes smooth, both the invoice and payment transfers over to QB. When they are declined, the invoice does not come over to QB. Is there a way to have that come over either way?

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Invoice doesn't post to QB with declined Declined Recurring payment

Good morning, @ApexHeat!


I would be happy to assist you today!  You are correct; if a payment does not through, the invoice will not come over to QuickBooks.  However, in QuickBooks, you can create a memorized transaction that recurring payments can be applied to through the Make Merchant Service Deposits window.  For the memorized transactions, we recommend setting the date a few days ahead of the payment to prevent timing issues.  For the recurring transactions, you would change the setup so that, rather than auto-creating an invoice, you would enter just the amount of each recurring payment.


I'm sending you links to two articles - one for creating memorized transactions in QuickBooks and one for recurring payments.  In the recurring payments article, you will want to check out the section that starts with "Manually create or have already created an invoice for each payment."


Create, edit, or delete memorized transactions


Create a recurring credit card payment


I hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any further questions!

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