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Invoice/Estimate email address

We used to use Desktop and were able to easily send estimates to one person in the customer company and send invoices to another in the office to take care of them. It seems like we can only have one email address on file and have to manually change it to send the invoices somewhere different. Is there a way around this? IOW, can we automate having multiple email addresses on file for estimates/invoices?

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Sarah Bl
QuickBooks Team

Invoice/Estimate email address

Hello, @office122. Thank you for coming back to the Community.


You can have multiple emails on a customer's estimate/invoice. You're able to have up to 100 characters. You can also add an email to the invoice or estimate by BCC when creating them. At this time we don't have a way to make have an estimate go towards the customer and someone else pays for it without the customer receiving the email s well.


To add multiple emails to the customer. You just:

  1. Go to Sales and select Customers.
  2. Choose the customer we're adding the emails too.
  3. Hit Edit on the right side of Customer Details
  4. Then Save.

Note: Make sure to put a Comma{,} after entering in the emails. It will not recognize if you don't.



That's all there is to it, you're now good to go. I'm always here getting customers back to business if you have any more questions or concerns. Have a great rest of your week.

Level 1

Invoice/Estimate email address

Thank you for the reply! So just to clarify, if I put multiple emails into the customer information, will both the estimate and the invoice be sent to every email on file?

QuickBooks Team

Invoice/Estimate email address

Hi office122!


Yes, the system will follow the data that you input in your employee's email. Don't forget to place a comma before entering another email address.


Also, you can check this article if you plan on adding project estimate summaries to a progress invoice in QuickBooks Online.


Let me know whenever you have questions in mind. I'd be glad to answer them all. Wishing your business success!

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