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Invoice or sale receipt



What would be more accurate? Generating invoices or sales receipt for a rental management business? Payments are due on the 1st of each month, while payments are sent around that date. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later.



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Invoice or sale receipt

What kind of rental do you offer? Property, equipment, or else?

Level 2

Invoice or sale receipt


QuickBooks Team

Invoice or sale receipt

Hi there, @userimripersiado.


Allow me to share more details about the difference between Invoice and Sales Receipts.


Invoices are sent to a customer to remind them that the due date is in the first week. With this, they have the option to pay it earlier before the due date. You can also let them pay an additional fee if they exceed 2 to 3 days after the due date, depends on your agreement with the lessee.


The sales receipt can be issued to a lessee if you have their actual payment.


To know more about these transactions, you may check out this article: What is the difference between an invoice, sales receipt, bill, and statement?


I've added this article you may use for your future task if you want to track your business' specific aspects: Run reports in QuickBooks Online.


Please know that you're always welcome to comment below if you have other concerns or questions. I'd be happy to answer them for you. Take care.

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