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Invoices & Payments

My transactions are automatically feeding in from Square. The invoices that are automatically generated are being matched to incorrect payments that are dated prior to the invoice and then I have unapplied payments as well. I tried to delete the payments but it said it was already deposited. How do I fix this and keep it from matching to incorrect payments?

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Invoices & Payments

Hi khamr,


We can correct the affected transactions and stop the automatic application of pending payments that way you can still review your transactions. 


First, disable the auto-application of pending credits.

  1. Click on the Gear icon and choose Accounts and Settings.
  2. Click on Advanced and click on Automation.
  3. Disable Automatically apply credits and click on Save.

Second, to be able to relink your payment to the correct invoices, you can delete the deposits first. This will allow you to unlink the payment from the current invoices, and relink them to the correct invoices.


As for the setup, I would suggest checking your settings. Or, you may reach out to Square or QuickBooks Online Support. That way, they can gather more details of the behavior and investigate this further.


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to go back to this thread.

Level 1

Invoices & Payments

Thank you so much for the assist!

Level 1

Invoices & Payments

Thank you for the assist!!

QuickBooks Team

Invoices & Payments

It's always our pleasure to help, khamr.


Feel welcome to swing by anytime if you have other QuickBooks related questions. You can always count on us to assist you every step of the way.


Additionally, you can always visit our Help articles page for reference. There, you can browse topics that can help you manage your sales transactions.


Take care always!

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