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I charge my customers a 3% credit card processing fee (customer are aware of this fee).

I already have an item/account set up in quick books desktop for this charge under "other charge" 

-I use SUBTOTAL Item then apply

-under I enter card processing fee charge


My customer gave me a deposit of $500 paid with credit card but did not charge him the 3% for this transaction...Days later he paid his balance of $1,346.17 I charged him the 3% of only of the total BALANCE.


Now I'm stuck on how to apply the card processing fee to the invoice of only the balance because if I add the subtotal it doesn't subtract the $500 so it counts it into the 3% total 


What is a way to enter this information correctly so my books match my deposits.


Thank you

QuickBooks Team


Yes, I can help you record this transaction correctly in QuickBooks, @Eve2019.


First, we need to add the deposited amount to his payment which is $1346.17. Once you get the total amount, you can now subtract the $500 deposit. Lastly, add the service charge which is 3%. You can refer to the image below.

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You also tag me again if you need further assistance in running your business. I'll always have your back.

Level 4


Raymond O,


Thank you for getting back to me... I understand your steps below, however the $500 I deposited as "received payment" in QB and if I followed your steps below it subtracts another $500. you think if I just add the credit card $40.39 charge on the invoice then this will add the balance $1,346.17 + 40.39 = $1,386.56 which is the total I charged.

Total invoice  $1,846.17

       -  deposit $500

     Balance $1,346.17 + 3% ($40.39) = $1,386.56


Can this be another option?

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for your quick response, @Eve2019.


Yes, you can also do it that way.  You can simply open the transaction and edit it from there. This way, we can make sure that your books match your deposits.


Please let me know if you need anything else. I'll make sure to get back to you right away.

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