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Is there a way to get my payment out of quick book

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Is there a way to get my payment out of quick book

It's good to see you in the Community, rm-wallace.


Let me share two scenarios and help you with your concern.


Are you referring on the customer payments? If so, I can show you the steps on how to receive the payment. But first, you need to set up for online payment on the account.


Here's how:
    1. On the left panel, click Get Paid Faster.
    2. Click on the Finish setup.
    3. Click the boxes and fill out the necessary information under Business, Owner/Proprietor, and Bank.
    4. Click Accept and Submit.


But if you're trying to pay your subscription, you can pay it using your personal account and reimburse it at a later time.


Also, I suggest contacting our QuickBooks Customer Care. This way, they can provide further information for your subscription payment.


Here's an article in case you need a reference: Subscription Payment Options for QuickBooks Online


Feel free to leave a comment below if you're referring to something else or if you have any other questions. Have a great day!