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Re: Confusing invoice layout in emails

Hi there, CapeTown.


We're glad to see you joining us in this thread.


I appreciate you sharing your experience and feedback about the emailed invoice layout. Your input gives our product engineers ideas on changes. In fact, most of the tweaks in QuickBooks Online (QBO) are coming from users' suggestions.


Yes, you can save invoices as a PDF and email them to your customers as a workaround.

  1. On the invoice page, click on Print or Preview.
  2. In the Print preview window, click on Print.
  3. Click on the Destination button and choose Save as PDF.
  4. Then, click on Save.

You can also click on the Download icon in the Print preview window to save the invoice as a PDF.


For you further guidance, here's a great article that will help you out: Download and save invoices, other sales forms, and statements as PDF.


Thanks for visiting the Community. You're always welcome to post here again if you have any concerns. I'll be around.

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Re: Confusing invoice layout in emails

How do I remove this blue heading from emails sent through outlook.  The attached invoice is fine but I don't want this blue box showing name, invoice and amount due includedIntuit.JPG


Re: Confusing invoice layout in emails

Thanks for the screenshot, MNworker.


I appreciate you joining us in this thread. We are currently unable to change the header of the email sent through Outlook.


We're always looking for ways we can make QuickBooks better for all users. By sharing your concern here in the Community, our app developers are pushing the envelope to improve the product's features to meet your needs.


For any enhancements and announcements, I suggest checking back to our website through these links:

I'll also update you in this thread if I hear any changes.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I'll do everything I can to answer them. Take care.

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