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Liability payments

Our State Retirement now requires us to pay ACH via their web page.  I have not been able to figure out how to change the liability for this from printing a check to just tell the system it will be withdrawn via ACH deduction.  What I have been doing is printing a "fake" check and then going in and manually changing the check number to say it is an ACH.  Is there something easier I can do?  I cant pay the ACH through quick books I have to pay on the actual retirement page when I do my reporting.

Thank you

Level 15

Re: Liability payments

No you have the right idea


make the payment on the state web page

then enter that payment in QB, changing the check number to ACH or EFT

Level 1

Re: Liability payments

Thank you!

I was hoping for a slicker way, but its working so Ill just keep doing it this way.


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