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Make "Online Payments" Default to "Checked"

I've been using Quickbooks Online for years now, and once I set up my account to allow online payments, I have never turned back.


Recently with the "Multiple Invoices" and "Import Invoices" updates, my invoices don't default to allowing the customer to be able to make online payments, which means that even though I can create 100s of invoices at a time, I still have to go in and manually check the "Cards" and "Bank Transfer" buttons. 


These buttons have remained checked for 4+ years and are still checked if I create an individual invoice, but not in the generation of multiple invoices, which basically makes this new feature completely useless.


How do I get these defaulted back to checked? 

QuickBooks Team

Re: Make "Online Payments" Default to "Checked"

Hello there, samjenness.


Thanks for reaching out to us. Let's get this working for you.


QuickBooks Online (QBO) has a sticky setting feature where it will remember the previous information you set or selected on the invoice. In line with this, you'll just need to make sure you checked the box for both Cards and Bank Transfer.


If doing this doesn't work, we can try some basic troubleshooting steps to resolve this. First, let's use an incognito or private browser when printing the report. Kindly use either of the following shortcut keys:

  • Google Chrome, press CTRL  Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Internet Explorer: press CTRL  Shift P
  • Safari: press Command Shift N

If it works, you can clear the cache of your regular web browsers. Otherwise, try using a different browser and see how it works.


Let me know how it goes. Don't hesitate to leave a comment by clicking the Reply button below if you have other concerns about QuickBooks Payments.

Community Explorer **

Re: Make "Online Payments" Default to "Checked"

When I originally had this problem and wrote this post, I was using the Mac Desktop App for Quickbooks Online, since then I've tried doing the same thing with a clean browser and the problem remains the same, doesn't seem to be a browser problem, seems to be the "Sticky Setting" that's not working.


The payments boxes are checked, and have been since 2014, and everything works as it should with any single use invoices (customer page -> New Invoice) boxes are checked, everything's good.  Uploading the invoices via CSV is not the same way, the boxes aren't checked and the typical settings like customer email doesn't auto populate (email apparently must be done through CSV).


This problem continues to require me to upload all of my invoices, then manually enter each one, check the boxes, save it, and then send it. Which is just about as time consuming as just creating each one from scratch with no automation.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Make "Online Payments" Default to "Checked"

Thanks for getting back to us with more detailed information about your concern, @samjenness


QuickBooks Online doesn't have a way of importing invoices. If you're using a third party app to import your invoices in a CSV file, you'll have to go about each invoice you imported and manually check the payment boxes as QuickBooks is unable to determine if those items are paid using online payment. .


Regarding the email address, you're right. You can import your customers with its email address so it will auto-populate when you create an invoice. 


Here's how:


1. Click the Gear icon at the top right.
2. Under Tools, choose Import Data.
3. From the list, select Customers.
4. Select the Browse button to find and select the Excel file.
5. Click Open, then click Next to continue.
6. Map your data, then click Next.


Adjust your data if necessary, then select Import. You can also download the sample file as your formatting reference. 


Check out our help article and read about the things you need to know before importing. It has complete information about Importing customer, vendor, or supplier contacts from Outlook, Excel, and Gmail.


If you have more questions, feel free to post again. We're always glad to help.