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Matching Vend POS invoices with QBO bank transactions

I integrated Vend POS with QBO and apparently Vend daily register closures are send over to QBO as invoices. I cannot figure out how to match the QBO bank transactions with the Vend invoices and make them balance. Any help is appreciated. 

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QuickBooks Team

Matching Vend POS invoices with QBO bank transactions

Hey there, babawonga. 


I'm happy to help you out today. What you'll want to do is match that bank transaction by the invoice number. The way you'll do this is by manually finding them using the Find match option to apply aforementioned transaction to the correct invoice number. You can refer to this screen shot for further guidance:


I'm also including a really helpful article below. This will provide you more information on how to manage your bank transactions in QuickBooks Online as well as on what are the options you can choose to allocate them:

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to post them here. Thank you for your time and have a lovely day. 


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Matching Vend POS invoices with QBO bank transactions

I very much appreciate the help and this was the method I was trying to use, but the numbers never balance. Even my accountant couldn't get them to balance. There seems to be some serious problems with Vend/QBO integration, like it doesn't actually work. I read something about refunds not being transferred over automatically, but having checked, that isn't the issue.


Matching Vend POS invoices with QBO bank transactions

Hi there, @Babawonga.


QBO allows integration with Vend POS to download transactions. Some payments will appear in your Vend register, while some of it won't match the corresponding QuickBooks Online transaction.


Also, I'd encourage you to reach the Vend Support so that they can assist and inform you of what transactions can be matched in QBO.


I've added a handy link as a reference so that you can quickly navigate to their support site: Vend Help Center.


Also, once you know what transactions you can pair in QuickBooks transactions, you can then match the Vend POS entries in QuickBooks.


Please let me know how it goes so that I can assist you as fast as I can. Stay safe and well!

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