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Merchant services account user permission and or account ownership issues

Our account's owner is my wife, Patricia Falo, and I'm THE daily user, with a FULL administrator status. However, the quickbook's refuses to grant me the full permission to access payments unless I sign in also as my wife. It means I need two different logins to operate the simple quickbooks file. What a mess!

How to resolve this issue?

1. How can I get granted a full payment access, under the current ownership?

2. Or, how to change the ownership from my wife to me?

I've tried online payment center on your website, my company's profile and ownership item, etc. No avail.

Please help to stop this nightmare.

Thanks a million!

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QuickBooks Team

Merchant services account user permission and or account ownership issues

You've come to the right place, @jingyugu1.


I can provide some details on how you can get full access on QuickBooks Online payments.


Having the QuickBooks admin access is separate from the QuickBooks Payments access. To get full access for payments you'll need to be added as a full admin user.


To do that:

  1. Sign in to the Merchant Service Center.
  2. Select Account then Users.
  3. In the QuickLinks section, select How do I add a new user?.
  4. Select the link.
  5. Once done, enter the email address of the user and select the Role you want to assign them in the Merchant Service Center.
  6. Ask the invited user to select the Sign in link on the email they receive. This will take them to the Intuit Payment Solutions Sign In page.
  7. Once they sign in, they will get a success message and a link to continue to the MSC.

For more details about this process, please refer to this article: Add a user to a QuickBooks Payments account.


However, if you need additional assistance with this procedure, you may reach out to our Merchant Services Department. They have tools that can guide you through the steps. 


This should get you in the right direction.


Feel free to reach back out to me if you have any other concerns with QuickBooks Payments. I'd be pleased to help you out. Have a good one.

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