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online payment is not linking to my account

Settings->Payments->online payments gives me a message to sign up for a Quickbooks Payment account. I already have an account and I linked it from Customers->Link Payment Service to company files. I signed in and its successfully linked. 

Seems that I don't stay signed in because I don't see the logged in icon on the top right corner any longer.


What could be the problem? Why can't I stay logged in to payment service when everything is active? I did do a Windows 10 update today, maybe internet explorer issue?


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QuickBooks Team

Re: online payment is not linking to my account

Hello there, jsallak.


It seems that you're using the QuickBooks Desktop. The steps you've mentioned are correct. We can also verify if it's really linked to Quickbooks Payments or not.


Let's press F2 on your keyboard. Locate the Services Information section on the Product Information. There should be an AuthID if it's connected. If there's none, you'll want to reconnect it.


If you can locate the AuthID but still can't see the signed in icon, I'd suggest following the steps on these articles:

Also, it'd be better to contact our Customer Support Team. They can take a look on your account to see what could be reason of this behavior. Use the QuickBooks Desktop Payments contact details in reaching out to them.


We're always available if you have other questions with Quickbooks Payments.

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