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Online payment, merchant details seen by customer.

Is there a way to remove the google maps link to my business address on the online payment page that customers see when paying online through quickbooks? Under the "Merchant Details" it has a email, phone #, & address link. I would prefer if there wasn't an address link to google maps on the payment page. Is this possible?

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QuickBooks Team

Online payment, merchant details seen by customer.

Hello, JayDeFS.


I have some information regarding the address under the Merchant details section in the payment page. 


The Google maps link under the Merchant details section is always there for your customers to see (and for contact transparency). We're unable to remove it though. 


Our developers are constantly working to bring in new features and options in QuickBooks Online and for the Merchant Services. They might implement more customization options specific to the View and pay invoice screen and the Merchant details section. 


Visit our QuickBooks Blog to stay updated with our new product releases and features. 


If the map link directs your customers to an inaccurate pin location, you'll want to contact Google support. They can change the pin coordinates and display them to the correct location. Also, reach out to your customers and tell them where to go if they want to pick something up from your physical store. 


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If there's anything else I can do to help you, please let me know. Post another question about QuickBooks Online or the Merchant Services here and I'll assist you again. 

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