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Payment error

Hey All! I have a client that paid an invoice a week ago with no issues, and then I sent them another one and they're stating QB is saying there's and error and to try back later when the submit the payment for a second invoice I just sent them. This is the client that has said this in the past month. Anyone know if there is an issue on QB's end or if it has to do with the client's card?

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Re: Payment error

Hello @aliwolfe_photo ,


  Truly saying it can be an issue on both sides, to know for sure QuickBooks would need to look that up. However if your client can try paying an invoice later, you can check whether the issue is with the client's card.


Re: Payment error

Thanks for dropping by the Community, @aliwolfe_photo.


I checked if there's an ongoing issue about this, but there isn't currently one.


Some QuickBooks Payments users have a limit of how much they can get paid within a 30-day rolling period. This is determined by the online payments you've received for the past 30 days. As soon as you reach the processing limit, your customer won’t be able to pay online until it is reinstated.


Please refer to this article for additional information: Online payments and processing limits.


On the other hand, you haven't reached the limit yet, I highly recommend contacting our Merchant Support team. They have tools such as screen-sharing (remote access) that can check your payment account and further investigate.


Check out this article to get their most updated contact information:


Please let me know how the call goes in the comment section below. I'm always here if you have any other issues or concerns. Have a great day!

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