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Payment method doesn't save correctly after recording it

So I've noticed something strange with only one company file that I work with. When I record a customer payment against an invoice and choose a payment type it does not save that type. For example I pick check and save the payment but when reopen it or I add it to a deposit it shows as cash. This is causing issues because some of the clients want payment detail showing how they paid. I can click it again after reopening it but it does not save my choice. Similarly, with Sales Receipts it will not save the payment type. This file was originally a Mac file that I converted over to a windows file. I don't know if that makes a difference. I currently use 2020 Accountants Desktop version. Any insight on how to fix this? 

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QuickBooks Team

Payment method doesn't save correctly after recording it

Hello there, @jstaley.


You've got me here to ensure that you'll be able to run QuickBooks without any issues. To get this matter sorted out, we can try verifying and rebuilding your data. This can help fix the data-related problem on your company file that may lead to the behavior that you've currently experienced. 


To do that:

  1. Go to the File menu at the top.
  2. Hover over to Utilities .
  3. Select on Rebuild Data.
  4. On the QuickBooks Information window, hit on OK. Follow the onscreen steps to save a backup.
  5. Let the tool repair your file.
  6. When the tool finishes, click on OK.
  7. Go to the File menu. 
  8. Select on Utilities.
  9. Tick on Verify Data.
  10. Let the tool check your file for data issues.

To give you more details about this procedure, you can check out this link: Fix data damage on your QuickBooks Desktop company file.


However, if doing this doesn't make a difference, I suggest running the QuickBooks File Doctor. This resolves issues on your company file. The article attached provides complete information on how to perform the process: Fix company file and network issues with QuickBooks File Doctor.


You may also these resources below about recording customers' payments, and on how the Accounts Receivable works in QuickBooks Desktop for reference:

I'll be right here to assist you if there's anything else you need. Just drop a reply below. Have a good one!

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