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Payment method glitch?

When I uncheck the option for a customer to pay an invoice with credit card, they can still pay with a credit card. It doesn't matter if I only allow ACH on all invoices by going to the edit menu, preferences, or if I change it on each individual invoice. The option to pay with credit card is still there. When if this problem

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QuickBooks Team

Payment method glitch?

It's a pleasure to have you here, @hatcreekcattlecompany.


Let me provide some insights about payment methods in QuickBooks Desktop. 


It's right to uncheck the Credit card payment method in the Preferences window. This way, your customer has no option to pay invoices via a credit card. 


Since your customer can still pay through credit card, we can make a payment method inactive. Let me show you how:


  1. From the Lists menu, choose Customer & Vendor Profile Lists.
  2. Select the Payment Method List.
  3. Right-click the payment method and select Edit Payment Method.
  4. Lastly, click OK to save the changes.


I've also added this resource for more details: Add or modify the accepted credit card types in QuickBooks.


If the issue persists, you can use the Rebuild Data tool. This is a built-in QuickBooks Desktop that automatically fixes minor company file data issues.


Let me know in the comment section if you have further concerns with QuickBooks. I'll be more than happy to help. Have a pleasant day.

Level 1

Payment method glitch?

I followed the steps you gave and credit cards and debit cards are still show up as an option when clicking on view/ pay invoice in the email sent to customers. I will try the rebuild data tool.

Level 1

Payment method glitch?

I tried the rebuild tool without success. Still have the same problem.

QuickBooks Team

Payment method glitch?

Hi, @hatcreekcattlecompany.


I appreciate you for performing the troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue you had with your invoices and payments. To get started, let's make sure that the automatic payment option is disabled on the invoice. I'll show you how.


  1. Go to the Customers tab, then select Create Invoices.
  2. Fill in the invoice details.
  3. Select Off from the Online Pay dropdown.


On the other hand, here's how you can turn off the option for a specific customer, for all future invoices, and all invoices and all custo....


If your customers are still getting the option to pay via credit card, I recommend updating your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release to keep your software up-to-date and have the latest QuickBooks features and fixes.


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Switch to the Update Now tab. You can select the Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.
  3. Select Get Updates to start the download.
  4. When the download finishes, restart QuickBooks.
  5. Once prompted, accept the option to install the new release.


Moreover, you can check out the topics from this link to know more about the different ways you can track customer transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.


Know that I'm only a couple of clicks away if you need additional help with your customers' invoices. I'm always here and ready to help. Have a nice day!

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