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Payment Plan Billing

We bill out customers for an annual fee but offer payment plan.  We accomplished this by creating multiple invoices with different due dates for the one fee but I'm trying to figure out an easier way.  Can one invoice be created with multiple due dates for partial payments?

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Re: Payment Plan Billing

I see how helpful it is to create an invoice with different due dates, sjdeter.


Currently, that option is unavailable. Aside from manually creating each invoices with different due dates, you can also create a recurring (memorize) invoice. You'll have the option to choose how you'll want your customer to pay you. 


For example: My customer is scheduled to pay their invoice for 1 year. I offered them a payment plan (Monthly). So every month my program will automatically create an invoice for them.


Here's how I'd enter them:

  1. On the Invoice page, select the customer.
  2. Enter the ITEM, QUANTITY, RATE, and AMOUNT.
  3. Click the Memorize button.
  4. In the Memorize Transaction window, I'd choose Automate Transaction Entry.
  5. In the How Often field, I would choose Monthly.
  6. In the Number Remaining, I'd enter 12 (since the invoice is for 1 year).
  7. Fill out Days in Advance To Enter.
  8. Then, OK.
  9. Click Save and Close.

You can also check this article for a detailed information about memorize transactions: Edit, or delete memorized transactions.


You can always get in touch with me if I can be of any help,. Have a great day!

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