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in process of converting from desktop pro to online; file is uploading. My desktop annual subscription renews tomorrow. How do I prevent my card from being charged for the annual renewal?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Payment

Hi there, @jrbhiexpress.


Let me help share way/s so you'll be able to stop the automatic renewal of your QuickBooks Desktop annual subscription.


To stop the automatic renewal of your subscription, you have to cancel your subscription through the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS).


  1. Find your subscription/service from the list.
  2. Select Details.
  3. Select Cancel service at the top right.
  4. Choose a reason for cancellation.
  5. Select Cancel on Next Billing Date to confirm the cancellation.

Once your service is canceled, you will no longer be able to:


However, if you're having trouble canceling your subscription, you may need to get in touch with our Support Team for additional assistance. For the support's contact information, you may check this article: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


For additional reference, you may check these articles:


You can always add a post/comment below if you have any other questions about canceling QuickBooks subscription. It's my pleasure to help you!