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Pledges - How do I close a pledge as uncollectible?

We entered a pledge in October and I need to mark it as uncollectible as of 12/1/21.  If I void it, it will change the Oct and Nov financials.  How do I close it during December?

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QuickBooks Team

Pledges - How do I close a pledge as uncollectible?

Welcome to Community, @M-POWER.


I'll share the steps on how you can record and close your uncollectible pledges. You'll want to record them as bad debt. Let me guide you through how.

  1. Create a bad debts expense account.
  2. Create a bad debt item.
  3. Create a credit memo for the bad debt.
  4. Apply the credit memo to the invoice.

Please refer to this article for the detailed steps: Write off bad debt in QuickBooks Online.







With the above steps, you're able to close the pledge without affecting your other month's financials.


Additionally, here's a link that'll help you manage customer-related tasks. Just look for a topic that'll fit your concern: Sales and customers.


You can always leave a comment anytime below if you have other questions about pledges. I'll be around for you. Take care and have a wonderful day ahead.



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Pledges - How do I close a pledge as uncollectible?



If you're a cash basis taxpayer, you want to void it.  If you're accrual, then @ShiellaGraceA's advice is the way to go.  Cash basis taxpayers do not have bad debt expenses.

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