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POS keeps transferring old accounts receivable to financial?

Old 2015 transactions keep transferring when I transfer the daily POS to the financial file.  Any help?

Emily M
QuickBooks Team

POS keeps transferring old accounts receivable to financial?

Hey there, @PJCPA2000.


I’ve got you covered and can provide further information about your old transactions coming over when transferring to the point of sale and then to the financial file. This happens when you have a recover feature, flag transactions for re-sending, or if you move your point of sale files to another computer that processes financial exchange. 


There are a couple of options that will fix this issue, you could delete the entries in QuickBooks or Sync Company and point of sale files in your computer. 


Follow this link below for further information.

Transactions are transferred from point of sale to QuickBooks multiple times


Comment below if you have other questions. I hope you have a great rest of your week.

Level 1

POS keeps transferring old accounts receivable to financial?

Are you referring to a Specific Accounts Receivable Account or are you referring to all the Customers with the balances?

Once a transactions has already been sent or sync with QuickBooks, it can never be duplicated automatically.

The transaction gets a Mark and Stamp of Already Transferred and there is a link to open and see them in QuickBooks Accounting.

These things may happen only if you restore an old Backup in POS or If you use the Recover feature, or flagging individual transactions to be resent to QuickBooks Desktop causes duplication, you will need to delete those entries in QuickBooks.

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