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Printing memo on check

How do I make sure that the memo field prints on a bill when I enter the bill into the system, rather than having to take the extra step of entering it when I go to pay the bills?  The one answer I found said that, as an alternate, I could use the "reference number field."  There is no field that is called "reference number" and I can't find what that corresponds to.  I need to be able to have this facility for recurring payments and I pay too many bills every week to go through the multi-step process of entering it before printing each check.


Thanks for your advice.

QuickBooks Team

Printing memo on check

Hi there, @speritz.


Thanks for taking the time in reaching out to us. Let me address your concern about the Memo field not printing on your check when processing a bill payment.


To display the reference number when printing bills, you'll need to fill in the Bill number box when creating a bill. This allows you to enter words that can be the substitute of the memo field upon printing the bill.


Let me show you how:

  1. Click on the Plus icon at the top.
  2. Select on Bill.
  3. Enter your desired information on the Bill number box.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Click on Pay Bills from the Plus icon.
  6. Select the bills that you wish to print.
  7. Click on Save and Print.
  8. Click on Preview and Print.

I've added some screenshots below to guide you through the steps:

 Picture1.png Picture2.png Picture3.png


Also, the memo may or may not print depending on where it was originally entered. Since it was entered using Bills, the memo field won't appear on printed bill payments. Here's an article that will provide details about in which specific screen does the Memo field appears in QuickBooks Online: When the memo field will and will not print.


However, you can manually enter the memo on the payment check in order for it to print.


Here's how:

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) on the Toolbar.
  2. Under Vendors select Pay Bills.
  3. Select the bill you copied the memo from.
  4. Enter the correct amount then select Save and print.
  5. In the Print Checks screen, select the Bill Payment (Check).
  6. In the Bill Payment screen, go to the Memo field and enter or paste the memo.
  7. Verify you have the correct Starting check #.
  8. Select Preview and Print then Print.

I'd encourage you to submit feedback, which is sent to the Product Development Team for review when determining features to be added in updates. This way, we'll be able to determine how we can improve your QuickBooks experience. You can do this from within QuickBooks Online by selecting the Gear icon and clicking Feedback or by going to the following link: QuickBooks Online Feature Requests.

Level 1

Printing memo on check

Hi, BettyJaneB.


I'm sorry that you didn't fully read my question.  I know the solution that QBO offers.  It's not an acceptable solution for anyone doing high-volume check generation.


Where is the "reference number" field, which will presumably work to provide a kludgy solution?




QuickBooks Team

Printing memo on check

Thanks for getting back to me, @speritz.


I've updated and added some information above to give more details about how to have the reference number field show up when printing bills in QuickBooks Online. 


Thank you for your feedback, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

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