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Progress Billing/Payment Rounding Errors

The developer my company does work for requires AIA formatting for both our invoices to them, as well as the invoices from our subs; we had this all set up in Excel before we started using Quickbooks and everything ran smooth. Now that we use QB and its 5 decimal place limit in progress percentage inputs, we are constantly dealing with rounding errors that amount to pennies on the dollar, and no good way to fix this manually without sending all of our POs/bills/payments into chaos.

What is the best way to deal with rounding error in QB? and is there any way to fix/eliminate it?

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QuickBooks Team

Re: Progress Billing/Payment Rounding Errors

Welcome to the Intuit Community, @SS_KTGrading


QuickBooks will automatically round up your payment figures in your progress percentage inputs. This time, there isn't an option to eliminate it. 


I value your insight and please know that I'm taking note about this to help improve your experience. Rest assured, I can share this along here on my end. I'll also keep you posted on this thread once updates from our product engineers are available. 


If you're using the 2019 version, I suggest checking out this article for more product innovations: What's New in QuickBooks Desktop. You can also freely browse all useful topics through the Community link. 


I'll be here to lend you a helping hand if you have other concerns, @SS_KTGrading. Take care always.