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Projects won't save on expense/deposit entries

I have been trying to group expenses and deposits into projects, but when I enter the "Customer/Project" field on expense or deposit entries and hit "Save and close," the project field doesn't save, and none of the transactions will show in the Project.



Does anyone know how to fix this? Is Projects working for everyone else?

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Level 10

Projects won't save on expense/deposit entries



Are you referring to not saving entered expense transaction for customer/project or not showing up the saved transaction in the Projects/Transactions tab?


If it's not saving entered transactions for customer/project, you may want to try from a different browser or clear cache on current browser.


If you're referring to expense transactions to not showing up in the Projects/Transactions tab, you may want to refer this QBO Projects article:


Currently, only sales related transactions show on this list but not expense related transactions.


Hope this helps!



QBO dashboard > Projects > Transactions tab

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