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I'd like to set up several construction jobs into projects, but to be honest we seldom invoice anyone from quick books.  Can I enter payments made without invoices?

If I want to go back and make projects of prior jobs is that going to mess up the books?  Especially those for last year?  Or is it best to just start with new jobs in projects?

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Hi @kmarie, I'll share details about projects.


Yes, you can enter sales receipts or deposits for payments against projects in QuickBooks Online. Use the following links below to learn more about each feature:



Moving on, it's best to start with the latest jobs as new projects to keep the accuracy of your books. If you want to track jobs from last year, I recommend contacting your accountant for guidance.


If you haven't yet, here's a link to use and find someone you can work with: QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor.


You may also read this reference for other functions to use while working with projects in QuickBooks Online: How to Use Projects Instead of Sub-customers?


I've got you covered if you have questions about projects. Use the Reply option and leave a comment below, and I'll get back to assist you. Take care always!

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Thank you so much I was thrown into this just a couple of months ago and not only trying to get things set up and on track for this year, but get taxes done, and try to track prior jobs.

The accountant you speak of, is that the quick books bookkeeper assigned to us?  She seems to not be very knowledgeable, especially as far as a construction business.  I've found most answers on my own with google

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If I record and make bank deposits, will that create a duplicate if that deposit is already showing in quick books banking?  It is set up so it updates with the bank account.  How do I make sure it does not duplicate?  Or is there a way to attach that deposit to a project?

QuickBooks Team


Thanks for sharing an update with us, Marie.


The link provided by my colleague above is where you can find a certified bookkeeper that can help you with your account. If you're not affiliated with one, you can visit the site and look for one from there. 


In regards to recording a bank deposit, yes, it'll create a duplicate transaction if the deposit is already in your bank account. What we can do is attach the deposit to your project by matching them. I'll show you how. 


  1. Go to the Projects menu in your QuickBooks Online (QBO).
  2. Select the project you want to create an invoice for.
  3. Go to the Banking or Transactions menu.
  4. Select the For review tab.
  5. Look for the customer payment (deposit), select on it, and click Find match.
  6. Adjust the date and search for the invoice, then check the boxes before the DATE column to link them. 2.PNG
  7. Click Save.


Once you're all set, you might want to utilize this link for reference on matching your accounts efficiently: Reconcile an account in QuickBooks Online.


You can always count on me if you need more help managing your projects and accounts in QBO. Simply leave the details in your reply and I'll answer them for you. Take care!

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Thank you,  I will see if I can catch up on some partially entered projects this way

I'm not sure what you mean by an accountant, we are paying someone already with quick books, but the program calls her our bookkeeper are these two different things?  She does the reconciliations

QuickBooks Team


Thank you for following up, kmarie.


It's good to know you already have a bookkeeper who has vast knowledge about QuickBooks.


A bookkeeper focuses on accurate record keeping and classifies company's daily financial transactions. On the other hand, an accountant focuses on interpreting data and analyzing financial statements to help business owners in making financial decisions.


I'm adding this article in case you'd like to invite an accountant in your QuickBooks Online account.


Please let us know if you still need further assistance. We'll be here to help. Have a great week!

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