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Purchase Orders for mixed purchases

My husband and I run a small Custom A/V Installation business.  There are many vendors we order parts from, and although we do carry some inventory, a lot of the parts we purchase are non-inventory.  We've been doing POs only for tracking inventory, but sometimes I will have a PO that also includes non-inventory parts or even tools.  So my question is, if there is a mixed purchase like that on one purchase order, is there anyway to get around entering the non-inventory & tools into the Item List?  Due to the large variety of items we install, the list is getting unwieldy, and it's sometimes difficult for us to find items in there already.  Adding one time use parts or tools would only make it worse.  Thanks for any feedback. 

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Purchase Orders for mixed purchases

Make your item More Generic.


Noninventory items:

Audio Component


Patch Bay





Don't use more details than matters to your reporting. You can Merge the "too many items" at any time.


Put No Description in Edit item. Put that in the PO details, the customer Estimate, etc.


Leave the Cost at 0. Help tells you to do this when Cost varies, since it comes from the Actual Purchase, anyway.


Please see my example attachments for Noninventory "Appliances." Also, Roofing, Countertops, and Flooring are examples of what works Fine.

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