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QB Payments in Desktop and Readers/Fees

Hello. Our Companies use two Merchant Acct Services. One traditional 3rd Party Company and also QBs Payments. We run Enterprise 18 Desktop Version. We like to be able to send invoices to our Customers if needed. We also have the QB Mobile Payments so we can use the reader in our phone and take payments remotely. 

We just opened a second office and are trying to decide if we want to purchase another Credit Card Machine from the 3rd Party Merchant Svc Provider or if we just want to utilize our QB Payments Svc. and try to locate a reader that can connect to the computer rather than the phone. (IF ONE EXISTS THAT IS?!?!) I do currently have the QB USB Magnetic Swipe Card Reader, but that does not do us any good if a chip card charge is disputed and we didnt use a chip reader. So I am trying to ask two questions I guess.

Question 1: Does QB offer a reader that is able to process both Chip and Magnetic Strips that connects to the computer rather than the phone/tablet? If they do, can someone please provide me the information where to purchase it from? Or if QB doesnt offer one, are there any that are compatible with QB Payments and can you please provide me that link if they do have one that will work with QB. 

Question 2: If I am able to locate a reader that works with my computer rather than my phone, does anyone know if using the reader on my computer to process payments, will save me money rather than keying them? Also, the same question except if I use the magnetic strip reader that plugs into my USB? Meaning if I swipe a chip card, will it still cost me more since I didn't use a chip reader? Or will it count as a keyed entry? If it is more costly, can someone tell me the cost breakdown for keyed, swiped and chip reader? 

Someone mentioned that I should just use the Mobile Payment reader and have it attached to my phone or a tablet in the office. My issue is that we populate Invoices to charge our Customers Monthly Rent and Weekly Motel Room Charges and the Mobile version does not allow me the ability to attach a payment to my invoices in the desktop system. So it creates a completely separate Customer/Job for each individual Mobile Payment we process. That is a ROYAL PAIN for us. We only signed up for this service so that we could send invoices to our Guests and Tenants. We do not sell items, we provide services. I hope that all made sense to anyone kind enough to read this short novel. I thank you in advance for your time and any assistance we receive.

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QuickBooks Team

QB Payments in Desktop and Readers/Fees

Hello there, @Orlando8300.


Allow me to share some information about how QuickBooks Payments works.


Depending on the type of account you have and the nature of your business, QuickBooks offers different ways of processing payments from your customers.

  • Swipe cards on your mobile device with GoPayment. 
  • Type card numbers on your mobile device with GoPayment. 
  • Type card numbers in QuickBooks. 
  • Swipe cards in QuickBooks. 
  • Charge a saved card in QuickBooks. 
  • Let customers pay a QuickBooks invoice immediately online. 
  • Charge a card online within the Merchant Service Center. 
  • Set up a recurring charge. 
  • Swipe cards through your Point-of-Sale PIN pad. 
  • Through your web store. 

On the other hand, there are different ways to order a GoPayment card reader:

To order a Magtek Card Reader, kindly visit: Intuit Payment Solutions Magtek Card Reader.


Lastly, you can also reach out to the dedicated Customer Care Team for QuickBooks Payments to be assisted in deciding the credit card reader that will suit your business needs.

If there are any app features you’d like to get more familiar with, feel free to visit our Community page. I’m always here to help.

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