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quickbooks payment bug

I sent an overdue statement to a customer. It showed the correct amount due, ($3743) however, the online payment showed that she owed $1. I resent her invoice, however the same problem occurred, showing the correct invoice amount, but payment screen showing she owed $1.

QuickBooks Team

Re: quickbooks payment bug

Hello there, cb178.


Have you tried deleting and recreating the invoice? That will let us check if the link between the actual invoice and the online payment is broken.


If you've done that already with similar results, please contact our Merchant Services Department. They can take a closer look at this to determine why the online payment is giving your customer an incorrect amount.


Please go to this link and look for QuickBooks Payments to get their contact information:


Please don't hesitate to give us another visit if you have other questions. 



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quickbooks payment bug

When emailing partial paid invoices, the wrong amount due is showing up when client goes into payment link. Worked with Merchant Services and QB Desktop Support. They cannot figure it out! Does anyone have a "work around"? Thanks,
QuickBooks Team

Re: quickbooks payment bug

Hello there, @lakerman.


I know you've been through a lot checking the issue you have when emailing partially paid invoices. I'm here with you today to help check why it's showing the incorrect amount when the client goes into the payment link.


First, please ensure that the amount was correctly recorded in QuickBooks before sending it to your customer. To verify this further, you may create a dummy invoice with partially paid payment and send it yourself. If it works fine, you can ask your customer to ignore the first partially paid invoice, delete and recreate the payment on your end and resend it to your customer. If the problem continues and the issue happens to only one customer, then, you can ask your customer to repair his PDF viewer.


However, if the issue happens on your end as well and to the rest of your customers, I recommend getting back with our Support Team, so our engineering team can check and investigate this further securely. For the support's contact information, you may check it here: Contact the QuickBooks Desktop Customer Support Team.


You can always check our self-help articles for your reference in the future: Help articles for QuickBooks Desktop.


Please let me know if you have any other questions about emailing partially paid invoices, I'll be right here to help you. Wishing you continued success!

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