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Quickbooks Payments Statements

Where can I find up to two years of detailed Quickbooks payments merchant statements in Quickbooks Online? My answer is Gear,gt;Account and settings>payments I believe that is correct as to how I get to statements but not sure if i can see 2 years in the dropdown

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Re: Quickbooks Payments Statements

Hi there, pcman826. 


QuickBooks Payments can only view and download up to 24 months of statements. More than that will requires you to order a paper copy from us. 


Here're the steps:

  1. Go to the QuickBooks Payments page and log in.
  2. From the Activity & Reports menu, click All Statements.
  3. Click on the Order a paper copy for statements older than 24 months. 



We are always here to help if you've got QuickBooks Payment questions or anything else. Have a good day!