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Bank Deposit in Quickbooks Online

I need to group "Undeposited Funds" by creating a "Bank Deposit" however, Quickbooks will not populate the "Received From" column so that I can choose the "Undeposited Funds" that comprise the checks that I deposited into the bank account.


Is there a setting that I'm missing? Is there a work-around? 


Thank you

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Bank Deposit in Quickbooks Online

Good afternoon @JCO70:


So if I understood your question correctly, you are having difficulty in the +bank deposit window on QBO.  Specifically, the customer name is not showing.  In the video below, I tried to recreate this scenario.  If this is not the process you are using, could you provide more details or maybe a screen shot?


If it helps, the proper flow of an accounts receivable transaction is as follows:


  • + (quick create), under the customer column, select invoice or sales receipt (deposit sales receipt directly to undeposited funds)
  • + receive payment and point it towards undeposited funds (if invoice was used)
  • +bank deposit to group your payments as they went into the bank

That is all you have to do and it should remove the pain point of the missing customer names.  


If that is not your issue, please feel free to ask more questions.  We are here to help!  If it did solve your issue, we would love a cheers or thumbs up!


Have a wonderful Sunday!





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