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Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

There used to be a widget on my dashboard for Bill Pay from Bill.Com but for some reason it disappeared.. It was super helpful to have there and I want it back! Any idea on how to get this back on my dashboard?



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Kendra H
QuickBooks Team

Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

Hello, @kelsey4.


I appreciate you posting your question here, and I'd be glad to provide info on customizing your QB Online dashboard.


I see how customizing your dashboard to see the information you've described would be useful for business owners. At this time, QuickBooks Online doesn't offer the feature to customize the dashboard. I'll let my team know your feedback about the Dashboard feature and various customization options that you've mentioned here.


If you wish to know more about the QuickBooks Online home dashboard, refer to this article: An introduction to the home dashboard.


You're always welcome to follow up with me here if you have any more questions.

Level 3

Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

Well I am just questioning why it was on my dashboard but disappeared?! Please let me know.

Content Leader

Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

Hey there, kelsey4.


I'd like to provide some additional info about the display of the dashboard.


It sounds like this may be related to a browser issue. To rule this out, I recommend clearing the browser cache. The cache servers to collect data to make loading pages quicker and easier. Sometimes, if it gets too full, it can cause viewing and performance errors within QuickBooks Online. Clearing it forces the system to refresh and get everything back up and running. If you're using Chrome, here's how to get this done:


1. Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

2. Select More Tools, then Clear Browsing Data.

3. Change the time range to All Time.

4. Only check Cached images and files.

5. Click Clear data.


If you're using a different browser, this link provides similar steps:


I'm only a comment or post away if you have any other questions.

Level 3

Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

I did that and it still isn't there. 

Content Leader

Bill Pay from Dashboard on QBO

Thanks for letting me know, kelsey4.


Since the troubleshooting steps listed above didn't do the trick, I recommend reaching out to the Support Team. Agents have specialized tools, like screen-sharing, to take a closer look at your account and determine what's causing this issue. Here's how to contact an agent:


1. Click the Help button in the top right corner.


2. Select Contact Us.

3. Enter Support in the field and choose Let's talk.

4. From here you can select to receive a callback at a time that's convenient for you.


This link provides these steps if you'd like to bookmark them for future reference:


I'll be here if there's anything else you need.

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