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Coronavirus Instant Transfer Fees Waived

BEWARE of any offers from QBO to waive 1% Instant Transfer fees for coronavirus. If you are grandfathered in on an older plan without fees, it enrolls you in the newer plans with automatic 1% transfers. There is no place in QBO Settings or the Quickbooks Payments merchant account portal that tells you what account you are on, or how to change it. I have spoken with several people in QB Customer Service to no avail, they will not change it back, the fees were charged even though they say they would be waived, tier 1 customer support is nonplussed, and the supervisor I spoke to hasn't circled back as promised. Quickbooks is using a national economic crisis to take advantage of people and tricking them into enrolling into a paying plan. Please don't use any Instant Transfer promotional deals or recommend your clients use this.

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Coronavirus Instant Transfer Fees Waived

I wish I had read your post before signing on.  This offer is a complete scam. They offer "free, no 1% fee" and instead start charging a 1% fee on every ACH payment.  They have discontinued the free ACH transfer plans, and instead of announcing the change, tricked people into signing up for a "promotion" that is non-reversible, and get you charged 1% or $10 for every transaction. All under the cover of "special help for COVID-19"!  Disgusting, and will refer the the NY AG. 

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Coronavirus Instant Transfer Fees Waived

@mhattwood wrote:

get you charged 1% or $10 for every transaction. 


Explore MP to process your ACH payment for free. They need 3-5 business days to process.



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Coronavirus Instant Transfer Fees Waived

I am seeing $10 charges all over my account now that I took advantage of their "FREE" services which says it will be available through July 31. Why are we getting charged QuickBooks?

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Coronavirus Instant Transfer Fees Waived

I just spent another several hours on the phone with Quick Books Customer Service and was only now informed that we can never get our account back. From this point forward anytime our clients process an ACH payment we will be charged a $10 fee and then 1% after August 31. 


There was never any notice or fine print that signing up for something QB was doing to help us small business owners would actually screw us over in the end. 


We now are not able to use QB for any payments at all moving forward. Incredibly frustrating!!! 


Adding an image of the promotion. If one more agent says it was in the fine print. What fine print!!!!






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