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Credit card convenience fee

We plan to begin charging clients a convenience fee for using a credit card. Visa and Mastercard say I have to notify my provider, but I cannot find anywhere to do that. Does anyone know where I am to do this?  Thank you!


Credit card convenience fee

Sending good vibes to you, pwoodward.

Let me help and get you pointed in the direction so you can notify your provider about credit card convenience fee.


In order to notify your provider about the credit card fee, I recommend reaching out directly to our QuickBooks Payments Support. You would have to call since credit card information is confidential, and we value your privacy.


You can get our most-up-to-date contact number here:


Here are some recommended articles that you might find helpful:


Keep me posted if you still need help about credit card fees in QuickBooks Online.

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Credit card convenience fee

I would like to charge a convenience fee for online payments. Since payments are normally made in person in cash, this is legal in my state. Why does quickbooks make adding a convenience fee possible for some clients and not others? My cleaning service uses quickbooks and has the option to add a convenience fee in their settings (I asked). But it is not an option in my settings.  This makes no sense to me.  We are using the same Quickbooks Online service and should both have all available options.


Credit card convenience fee

Good morning, @tchadw,


Thanks for the question; let me see if we can find an option for you.  QuickBooks Payments does not offer this function.  What you can do, however, is create a service fee that you can manually add to your online invoices.  This article will walk you through those steps:


Add service fees manually to invoices


I hope that helps!

Teddy Elsen
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Credit card convenience fee

Hey tchadw,


Adding a convenience fee for customers who pay online is possible with a Quickbooks add-on called Bill & Pay. This syncs with your existing QB account, so it's really easy to set up.

Bill & Pay info here 


If you have specific questions please reply here or reach me directly at telsenbaumer(at)axiapayments(dot)com.



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