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Customer Name/Invoices not Display in Receipt




We are facing an issue, that we integrate with QB and both invoice/Receipts posted in QB correctly. But while checking that entry in QB, Customer is not showing in Receipt entry  and when drill down to that entry, customer and knocked off invoice also  not showing.

Where as invoices in reports are already knocked off correctly and not show open invoices. Please guide what can be the reason of this issue.



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Re: Customer Name/Invoices not Display in Receipt

Hi thanks for providing screenshots, Younus Moosani.


There will be no details in the Customer Payment if you've opened this prior to making the payment on the Invoice page. You'll have to click the Find button at the upper left side to see the payment of your customer. 


Here's how:

  1. In the Customer Payment, click the Find button.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow and select Invoice.
  3. Enter some info of the customer. For example, customer name or amount.
  4. Then, click the Find button at the upper-right portion to see the payment transaction of your customer.


If the same thing happens, this might be a data integrity issue. Let's run the verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks Desktop to get this resolved.


Let me know how it goes on your end. I'll be around if you need more help with QuickBooks Desktop.

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