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eMail Invoices

We've noticed that lately, particularly after the Windows 10, 1903 update, that when emailing invoices with payment links to our Quickbooks Payments site, that Quickbooks hangs and will not invoke our Outlook 365 desktop email client. It is intermittent and requires force closing Quickbooks and starting over. It will then work for the day. It seems like it's the first attempt to email an invoice for the work day.


Anyone else have this issue and a possible resolution? All support tells me to so is repair the Quickbooks installation or the Office 365 installation, although neither of these options fix the problem permanently.

QuickBooks Team

Re: eMail Invoices

Hi there, StevenS.


Outlook Office 365 is only supported when it is locally installed, not the web version. It's one of the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop to work well. 


If Office 365 is locally installed and still crashes, you can perform a few solutions to solve this issue. If you still experience the same thing, please proceed to the next solutions. Refer to this article for the detailed steps: Solutions for when QuickBooks stops working


Keep me posted if you need more help. 

Community Explorer **

Re: eMail Invoices

These solutions have been tried as requested by Enterprise support. None fix the issue. Most of what you mentioned in your reply was addressed in the original inquiry and did not work either. The mini repair and the full repair AND the full uninstall and reinstall did not remedy the situation.


And as I mentioned in the original post, this was all working before and continues to work intermittently so it was obvious that we are using Outlook 365 Desktop or it would not be working at all.


I am an IT admin so like I said, after the Windows 10 1903 update is when this started. Quickbooks developers need to take a look at how Quickbooks interfaces with the OS since this latest update. I imagine there is something that they missed or Quickbooks needs a patch to make this work without fail again.

QuickBooks Team

Re: eMail Invoices

Hi StevenS,


We just received an update that users are experiencing the same concern as yours. Our engineers are identifying its root cause and working on a fix to this issue. 


I recommend reaching out to our Phone Support Team so they'll add your account to the notification list. This way, you'll receive updates of the issue.


To reach them, click the Help menu and select QuickBooks Desktop Help. Select Contact us and then enter sending out email through Outlook 365 in the Ask a question field. Then, click Continue. You have an option to either Talk to a Specialist or Message an Agent


Thanks for your patience in this matter.

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