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How do I correct a prior received pmt applied incorrectly?

A customer short paid us for invoices. They should have paid $1,098 for two separate invoices each $549, but they only paid $1,078 as they took out a $20 international wire fee. When applying the payment it correctly applied $549 to one invoice, but then i incorrectly skipped over the option to apply that $20 short pay on the second invoice and saved the transaction. I did not 'deposit' yet as I'm trying to go back into the received payment and delete it, but it only allows me to VOID, yet that only shows 0 in the check register. Not sure what's happening. So now there is the second invoice showing $20 open since the received payment applied $529 ($549-$20 short pay) to this second invoice. is the system not letting me delete this receive pmt because it is split among two invoices? how do i fix this?

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How do I correct a prior received pmt applied incorrectly?

Hello there, @tjsmags.


I appreciate you providing detailed information about your concern. It was super helpful, and I feel like we are on the same page.


I have a workaround, so you're able to record the customer invoice payment not being underpaid. You'll need to receive the full invoice payment which is $1,098 for the two invoices. Then, enter a bank deposit for the international wire fee by entering a negative amount of $20.


Here's how to record the bank deposit:

  1. Go to the Banking menu at the top and hit Make Deposits.
  2. Mark the invoice payment you made from the Select Payments To Deposit section.
  3. Tap OK.
  4. Enter the international wire fee as a vendor in the Received From column.
  5. In the From Account column, add an expense account for the fee.
  6. In the Amount field, enter a negative fee amount (-$20).
  7. Make sure the deposit matches the net bank deposit amount.
  8. Hit Save and close.

Moreover, I don’t like to leave you empty-handed, you'll want to visit our Community Help Articles hub in case you need some related articles in managing your account.


If there's anything else you need help with concerning QuickBooks, let me know by commenting below. I'm always here and ready to help. Take care!




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