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QB Premier 2019 - Sales Order:Invoice Relationship

In QB Premier 2019 (Professional Services Edition), invoice line items have a column entitled "S.O. No." (by default, not visible).


This field doesn't seem to be editable.  Clicking in it does not allow me to change the entry.  How can I edit this field to create an association between an invoice line item and the sales order it applies to?   


I know that I can right-click the sales order to create a progress invoice that will give me 1 line item with the sales order number, but I'd like to create additional line items for that same sales order.

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Re: QB Premier 2019 - Sales Order:Invoice Relationship

I havent used SO for a while, but as I recall its a one-way relationship: SO > Invoice.
Creating an invoice from an SO creates the linkage, you can t just add it to an invoice. Changing a linked invoice later will break the link.

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