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Time Format in Decimal!!

When invoicing time activities from the actual entered line item in Quickbooks to printing/emailing, the QTY field changes to HH:MM displayed.  This is probably OK for someone who doesn't have customers that need to actually enter this information into a system.  This however, is completely unusable if customers have to enter your invoice line items into their Purchase Orders. 


I have been "working" around this PROBLEM for the last 2 years by manually entering the line item and deleting the time activity (I have to do thousands of these a year). Since I have started using Projects, this is becoming increasingly more difficult in the fact that now my time activities are gone.  


I recently downloaded a trial version of Quickbooks desktop.  You have the ability to choose your time format but for some unknown reason you do not have the same option in Quickbooks online?  I figured I would migrate to Quickbooks Desktop, but even using the export reports and data from Quickbooks Online and adding the company to Quickbooks Desktop did not carry over anywhere near all of data.


Bottom line: Add Time Format to the Account Settings and allow us to choose Decimal.  As stated before, you have the option on Desktop.  Why not Quickbooks Online?!




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Re: Time Format in Decimal!!

QuickBooks Desktop has many more features than QB Online.  Intuit is working to improve on line.

However, the migration remains one way from Desktop to Online.  It is my understanding, if you pay for the migration back to desktop from Online, it can be done by Intuit.

The decimal format it only available in Desktop at this time.


QuickBooks Team

Re: Time Format in Decimal!!

Hi @IAS,


We appreciate you for voicing out to us your concerns. And we want you to know that we value your opinion.


I understand how time-consuming it is to manually enter the line item and deleting the time activity. We want to make sure that this is addressed properly and is taken care of.


Currently, there isn't an option to change the time format displayed on the invoices. Whenever billable time is imported/copied to invoices, they change to the default decimal format.


Don't worry, I'll let our engineers know of your suggestion and it's importance to your business.


Please let me know if you have any other concerns. I'll be here to help you.

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Re: Time Format in Decimal!!

Hi @Alessandra_B , please add me to the list of QuickBooks online users who needs to be able to show time in decimal format on the invoice that goes to a customer. I am in the legal services industry, where time is commonly reported in decimal format. That is what my clients expect to see. Please forward this request to your product team to be added to the roadmap. Thanks!

QuickBooks Team

Re: Time Format in Decimal!!

Hey there, @VersantLegal.


Let me route you to the best support available and get you added to the list.


Since the Community is a public forum, we're unable to view your account. But you can contact our QuickBooks Online Support team.


By doing this, they can pull up your account in a safe and secure environment. They also have the tools to add you on the list of users who'd like to have this added to the product.


Here's how you can contact them:

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click on Help.
  3. Choose Contact Us.

You can also view our Help Articles page if you want to learn some "How do I" steps for your future tasks.


As always, I'll be here if you need help with anything else. Have a good one!

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